We field calls every week from enthusiastic inventors wanting to patent their ideas. "It'll sell millions; we'll make millions!" But how to get from invention to riches, they really don't know. "Angel Investors" throwing out seven figure checks, maybe.

Reality check.

Patents = Business. In business you gotta pay to play the game, and there is never a net to catch your fall. When you spend a sizable sum of money to get an idea patented, there is no guarantee that you will recoup your loss. In fact, unless you are willing to do a great deal of the legwork yourself, there is low probability that you will ever see a profit from your invention.

Patents = Business. When you own a patent or are patent pending you own a business startup. Are you up for it? You've two basic routes to take:

1) You plan to make and sell the invention yourself, which requires a business license, trademarks, marketing, storefront, web presence, letterheads, business cards, etc.

2) You plan to sell or license the invention to a manufacturer, which requires negotiating with sophisticated business parties. Manufacturers, like most businesses, are accustomed to negotiating with other businesses, not with individuals. To improve your chances at success in licensing negotiations, you need a good idea, a well-written patent or patent application, an operable prototype or mockup, and a well polished written and verbal "pitch" that exhibits your business acumen. In short, the more you look like a business the better your odds at getting a foot in the door and pulling down a patent licensing deal. Little things go a long way when trying to look like a competent business, things like a business license (WA State sole proprietorship with trade name is $20), a catchy product trademark that can also be licensed to the manufacturer (Federal trademark is usually under $500, WA State under $200), letterheads and business cards (under $100), a simple webpage, even if it's a Facebook page, showing some product photos and contact information (under $100), and a good conservative grey suit.

ArmillaryIP doesn't just write patents. We help inventors negotiate the rocky road that starts with a patent idea and progresses to a small business startup selling or licensing a cool new product. We can help you get the trademarks and the business licensing you need to be professional, and to assist you in product licensing negotiations with manufacturers. We can also get you in contact with high quality website creation and hosting professionals. You're on your own in finding a good grey suit. Check out our reasonable rates that are affordable for individuals and small businesses, just like ourselves.


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