Trademark 101

Think of famous company names like Kodak or Apple. Think of famous product names like the iPhone or the Whopper hamburger. Think of famous logos like the Nike “Swoosh” or McDonalds “Golden Arches”. These are trademarks. The name “Armillary” on top of this page is a trademark, as is the circular logo just to the left of it.

Your trademark will quickly become one that customers readily recognize, and the products or services associated with your trademark will carry with them your hard-earned business reputation for quality. More importantly, your trademark will also provide a warning to would-be infringers and counterfeiters, and gives you access to federal court to stop them and recover money damages.

Federal trademark registration is simple and relatively inexpensive, but it does take time (6-12 months) for the USPTO to approve. Therefore it is advisable to get the registration ball rolling early. After you fill out Armillary's simple online application form, we will conduct a trademark search and forward to you the search results with an attorney's analysis on the strength of your proposed trademark. A sample Armillary trademark search can be seen here. Armillary can then file your trademark application with the USPTO within one business day, and you will be forwarded your new trademark application number.

There are times when the Trademark Office will initially reject a trademark application, usually because the proposed trademark may be confusingly similar to an existing trademark. For these Trademark office actions, Armillary is experienced in filing persuasive responses back to the Trademark Office, responses which lay out legal arguements why a proposed trademark should be allowed. Armillary's fees for office action responses to preserve your trademark application are very competitive.

Armillary recommends federal trademark registration, as it provides cost effective protection for your business nationwide. For some small businesses whose goods or services are sold only within one state, state trademark registration may be an option. State registration is cheap and quick, often only taking a couple of weeks to get response and approval from the state. Washington State businesses can get started by filling out Armillary's WA State trademark application form.

Do you need to design a new business logo, or are you looking to refresh an old logo? Several of Armillary's trademark clients have had excellent results with 99designs design contests. The process is quick, economical, and the outcome is a very polished and professional logo ready to be trademarked. Check out their website for more info, or give Armillary a call to discuss the process.


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