Trademark Timeline


- Fill out Armillary’s simple Trademark Application Form.

- The Trademark Application Form allows you to pay the application and government filing fees by credit card or PayPal. If you prefer to pay by check or cash, just give us a call after you've completed the Application Form. 

- Within one business day, an Armillary patent attorney will call you to discuss your trademark in depth. Any trademark drawings, photos, or additional data can be sent to Armillary via email or U.S. mail.

- Armillary will conduct a trademark search and forward to you the search results with an attorney analysis on the strength of your proposed trademark. A sample Armillary trademark search can be seen here.

- Your trademark application will be filed with the USPTO, and you will receive a USPTO receipt with your application number.

- About two weeks after filing, the USPTO will publish your trademark application. Armillary will forward to you the USPTO website link where your application can be publicly viewed.

- There are times when the Trademark Office will initially reject a trademark application, usually because the proposed trademark is confusingly similar to an existing trademark. For these Trademark office actions, you may choose to file a persuasive response back to the Trademark Office, or abandon your proposed trademark. Armillary attorneys have a great deal of experience in responding to Trademark Office Actions. We can file a response to Trademark Office Action on your behalf, even if Armillary did not file the initial trademark application. See Armillary's Fee Schedule for our current fee for this service.

- Six to twelve months is the average time required for the USPTO to make a decision granting your trademark. Once granted, you will be forwarded your new trademark registration number.


Armillary offers the trademark search, analysis, and application filing at the competitive rate of $145, plus government filing fee. The government fee is $275 per trademark classification, giving a total out of pocket cost of $420.





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