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Full non-provisional patents are not the sole purview of large corporations with armies of attorneys. Patent protection for inventors is established in the highest law of the land, in the U.S. Constitution. The Patent Office (USPTO) was created to make patent protection accessible to individual citizens, including you and me. Somewhere along the way that basic tenet of accessibility has been lost.
Patents are the core of what people call “intellectual property”. A patent is a piece of property, and it belongs to someone, no different than a car, or real estate, or a coffee cup. Patents can be bought and sold (called an assignment) or rented out for a period of time (called a license). If an inventor dies, any patents the inventor holds can pass on to heirs, just like grandma’s jewelry or grandpa’s old rifle.

Are patents important? Darned right they are. Grab your smartphone, and you are holding thousands of different patents. When you bought that phone, many inventors of the components inside got a portion of your money. Maybe it was a few cents, maybe a few dollars. Now multiply that times millions of smartphones sold. It’s the same deal for inventors that patented all the many components in the car you drive, the lawnmower you push, or the fancy coffee maker that furthers your caffeine addiction.

They say that there is nothing new under the sun, but the many patents granted every year prove this to be untrue. In 2012, 276,788 patents were granted in the United States. Many inventions are incremental improvements on something that already exists, making them just a little easier to use, or a little more efficient, or a little less heavy to hold.

Did you come up with an invention that makes your life a bit easier? Do you think others might benefit from your invention and be willing to buy it? Begin the application process and get patent protection before someone else beats you to it.

Armillary specializes in making the patent application process accessible and affordable for individual inventors, for real people like you.



Weber Grill
Patent No: US 8316836 B2



Apple Mouse
Patent No: US 4464652



Zippo Lighter
Patent No: US 2032695


Hull Spinning Reel
Patent No: US 3481554





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